At, clothing you is not just what we do, but our passion and our specialty. From coats to furs and sexy clothes for shows, dinners, back stage, club and the runways, to attires for other formal and casual occasions and preferences, we have just the right stock to satisfy your fashion desire.

Check through our sections for new arrivals, and big promo prices. Our constantly renewed stock from a wide range of brands and designs makes us ever relevant in meeting your precious fashion needs with a sure guarantee for best price and no less attention to quality.

Here we guarantee you will be more than satisfied shopping through our various sections for gents, ladies and children alike. We also have sections for great sexy tops and bikinis, jumpsuits, blouses and dresses of varying sizes, colors and design.

Our T-shirts, coats and jackets for men, are one of a kind with a variety of matching shirts to choose from. We take extra care to give you the best you can get because we are poised not just to meet but satisfy all your clothing needs.

We at boast of having clothing supplies from the very best of fashion designers who are professionals and consistently transform customer ideas and feedbacks into improved clothing deigns that will always leave a lasting impression and a great sense of confidence.

Take advantage of our vast variety of stock and feel free to request for a clothing advice if need be. Our goal is to give you that “Selene Kissed touch” of excellence that not only makes you stand out and sparkling with class but also leaves you with a lasting smile.

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Hand painted shoes

The first impression is most often the last impression, and nothing says it all like a good pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes has its way of lifting an outfit and raising complement from friends and strangers. And at, bringing you the best collections of hand painted shoes that speaks excellently of your fashion sense at fabulous prices is what we do best.

So, if you are looking to make a fashion statement of luxury, style or individuality, there is always that perfect pick from our vast collections to put a perfect “icing on the cake”.

Remember, good shoes stand the test of time and are almost oblivious to the flow and ebb of fashion.

Selenekiss’ vast collection of hand-painted shoes are selected from top quality, known and premium shoe brands, everyone with an exquisite design to give you that perfect top class look. We don’t just stock hand-painted shoes, but we offer for sale a collection of a true definition of classic hand-painted shoes.

Our stock variety range from high-top painted shoes, low-top painted shoes, slip-on painted canvass shoes, anime sneakers and high heel painted shoes.

We also accept orders for custom-made specifications personalized with your name, date and colour, element of significance, choice theme and pattern.

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Cake or painted shoes, I do not know!!!

Cake or painted shoes, I do not know!!!

If I think of cake... which seems to sound good as...,hand painted high-heels and, don't you have that! Hotel wind shoes which is so realistic that a stripe eats, and becomes painful!


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